Satellite Trucks - Backhauls

"Thanks...Everything was top notch, like always."

--Tim F, Comcast SportsNet

Satellite Trucks - Backhauls

Backhauls are used to get  audio and video material to a main distribution point. Broadcasters such as Fox, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS  rely on SCS for backhauls from sports and news events to supplement their programming and newscasts.  Using satellite, portable microwave,  or TV1 fiber, SCS  provides a direct path -- SD or HD --  back to the networks' head-end where the content is finalized and  then distributed through the broadcast channels. 

Likewise, a client might need a backhaul for an
event or a webcast.  Again, SCS provides camera crews, multi-camera production, and transmission to facilitate these needs.  In addition to satellite, microwave and fiber, enterprise clients are known to require backhauls via ISDN or IP (codec) transmission or streamed video -- all of which are available through SCS.  

Whatever the client's need, SCS provides the expertise and experience necessary to make the broadcast a success.